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Beijing (Angel) Grass = Murdannia loriformis = หญ้าปักกิ่ง
Hoan Ngoc = Pseuderanthemum palatiferum = ว่านพญาวานร
Cholesterol Spinach = Gynura procumbens = แป๊ะตำปึง
   Living well...Alternative way...Natural way...

    I knew about these herbal plants a long time ago... but never paid attention until
    now. It took me four years to realize what I was missing.

    One of my friends, I call him Uncle Manob, introduced Cholesterol Spinach and Beijing grass to me 4 years
    ago. He kept telling me that they are good. He told me about his wife who was getting better from long term
    illness, (at first we thought we will lose her, she was so weak, couldn't eat on her own, she was on a wheel
    chair the whole time, she was 82 at that time) He has prepared those leaves for her lunch as salad every day
    until this day. Last time we invited them to have lunch with us. She could eat on her own and used the
    walker to restroom. She has recovered remarkably well, her face so pink, filled with life...she looked better
    than people who weren't sick.

    I don't like taking medicine, but every winter I had to take medicine for bad allergies for over 20 years,
    sometimes I had to take them just to sleep. One day I was sick but I still had to work. I looked at those plants
    in my vegetable garden and gave them a try. I ate them and went back to work in my green house. I didn't
    realize that my sore throat was gone.  That night, I gave some to my son who was coughing for a few days,
    and with them he slept through the night without coughing. I knew then that I have discovered the alternative
    way of taking care of myself.

    I started searching more on the Internet in Thai and English. I have learned so much about these plants
    which have been used all over Asia for over centuries ago. It shows the properties, benefits of the plants,
    and people who used them got better from many illlnesses which include: high cholesterol, diabetes, high
    blood pressure, cancer, etc....

    Many medical institutes have researched the many benefits of these plants that assist our bodies to fight
    diseases. It's a shame that nature provides us cures for many ailments but we have forgotten about them
    over the passage of time. I am so glad my eyes and mind are fully exposed to nature around me. I learn more
    about weeds that grow wildly in my yard and the unknown treasure they provide me.

    I eat 4-5 leaves of each every morning before my meal. They help build up my immune system. My allergies
    weren't as bad as before. I shared them with my friends at work, the ones who pay attention and are
    determined to get better. They eat these leaves every day, and they get better. Diabetes, cholesterol, high
    blood pressure all go down to an acceptable level in a few weeks.  My husband, PK, at first refused eating
    them.  In January 2011, his routine check up came, and he found out he had high cholesterol (LDL). The doctor
    gave him two months to control his diet... two months later after eating these leaves everyday, he went to take his
    blood test and had excellent test results. The doctor, surprised with the results, asked about the plants' names. And
    to let her try out, I then brought some for her. Later, on another visit for my blood test, she told me that she put the
    leaves on her salad and that they taste good. She wanted to send some to her parents.

    I shipped some of these leaves to my aunt up north who had high blood pressure. After taking the leaves for
    a week without her pills, it's time for her routine check up. Her blood pressure came down to acceptable level
    so she doesn't need to take pills anymore, but her doctor, for some reason, still insists that she take pills. I
    shared some to my friends who have cancer. Some refused to eat them at first but after they ate the leaves
    they didn't feel weak from every treatment like before which made them realize that... the leaves work.

    A friend at work, her doctor found cancer 2 cm in one of her kidneys, with conventional techniques she
    would have to remove the compromised kidney before the cancer could spread to another. Before the
    surgery in a month, I told her that I have the plants that might help shrink cancer cells and  provided her the
    leaves, she ate them every day for the whole month. On August 19, 2011, the day she had surgery, doctors
    opened her up for 45 minutes, and they couldn't find the cancer. So my friend went home with two good
    kidneys still intact.

    I'm not a doctor but from my experience with my family and my friends,  I am so excited and very happy that I
    can help them, and myself, to fight diseases with the natural way, no side effects and very low cost. I know
    the leaves work and want to share this information with all my friends. I start to grow them more so I will
    have enough for all my friends and my customers. The leaves work quick or slow (depends on each person)
    it might take some time to get better but keep this in mind. IT'S ALL NATURAL.  

    How many leaves should you eat?.
    We eat them 5-6 leaves of each, mix with salad or blend them with fruits as smoothies.
    Handful is your guide, (bigger build, needs more).
    To see a quick result, eat when an empty stomach twice a day for at least 3 weeks to 2 months.

    The information on this page is not intended as personalized medical advice and is not intended to replace
    your care provider's advice.


    How to grow?  
    These plants are very easy to grow,  by cutting 3-5 inchs stick in potting soil.  
    They grow fast in warm weather/wet soil. They will die down when the temperatures drop below 40F but they
    will grow back when spring arrives. Water daily.

    Price: Cholesterol spinach (Gynura procumbens) @$15/bunch
                 Beijing (Angel) grass (Murdannia loriformis) @$15/bunch
                 Hoan Ngoc (Pseuderanthemun palatiferum) @$15/plant

    Shipping/packing/handling:  one plant $15 .
                                                                     First three plants are $20 (additional plant add $5/each) in same box.

    special offer limited time: a package of any three plants is $60
                                                                       include shipping/packing/handling.
    All plants will be shipped bare roots (wrap with sphagnum moss).
    We also ship leaves for monthly supply on Hoan Ngoc $65, Cholesterol spinach $45 , order with special offer
    add $10 ship/pack each, in same box. Individual ship box is $15 for each leaves order.

For more information, please email or call Smiley, PK at 352-241-6166

                                                    Many thanks to Uncle Manob.
Gynura procumbens:  helps......reduce high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood
pressure, kidney infection, Psoraisis, allery, insect bites, person with low blood
pressure shouldn't eat more than three fresh leaves per day because it might lower your
blood pressure.  In Thailand ,use as a side dish, salad mixed, stirfry and add in soup.
Murdannia loriformis: up immune system, antioxidant, Lymphoma, quick recover after the
radiation treatment or chemotherapy, clean your system, cold, cough, allergy etc. When you pick the leaves,
they will release gluey sap which will make you itchy, wash off with water, itching will go away. First few
days after have eaten the leaves, you will expect bowel movement and you will feel lighter and feel good.
Pseuderanthemum palatiferum (Hoan Ngoc): this species is from Vietnam.... people
in Asia believe that this plant has property of helping people with cancer feeling better,
antioxidant, antifungal, antibacteria, diabetes, cough, flu, detoxify liver, lung etc.