Species 2
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Item # S17    Den. anosmum 'superbum' x parishii B/S in 4" basket,
  fragrant, leaves dropped before flowering.   
Item # S18   Den. secundum,alba..toothbrush orchid, large B/S in 6" teak
      wooden basket, leaves dropped before flowering, bloom in  
      spring/summer. Water twice - three times a week.
Item# S19    Den. pulchellum (Buffalo eyes) B/S in 4" basket.
      Leaves dropped before flowering.
Item # S20  Gastrochilus obligus, miniature orchid, very easy to care,
     flower in fall
Item # S21    Chiloschista lunifera, Red (Asian Ghost orchid)  large B/S
   mounted, flower in spring/summersweet scent
Item # S22   Chiloschista parishii (yellow-Green Asian Ghost orchid)
   B/S mounted, flower in spring/summer..sweet scent.

Item# S23    Rynchostylis retusa (Thailand) N/S and B/S in basket.
      Blooming season is in spring-summer, bloom spike is around            
Item# S24    Rhynchostylis gigantea 'alba' B/S, fragrant. Flower in
Item# S25    Rhynchostylis gigantea 'Prai'  B/S, fragrant. Flower in
Item# S26    Rhv. Colmari (Rhy. gigantea x Vandachostylis Sri Siam)
  B/S in basket, fragrant. Flower in winter.
Item# S27    Rhynchostylis  gigantea , orange  B/S fragrant, flower in
Item# S28   Den.senile miniature B/S mounted.
     Blooming season is in winter to spring. Leaves dropped  
     before flowering.
Item# S29   Rynchostylis coelestis.blue B/S blooming season is in summer.
    most popular plant as a parent of intergeneric in these days
Item# S30   Schoenochis fragrans B/Sminiature(smallest vanda in the
     world) leaves span only 1"  very slow growing plant. When  
     flower,this plant can be made as a live plant corsage.
    Blooming in spring/summer
Item# S31 Encyclia cochleata, jelly fish orchid, easy to grow   
B/S in 4" pot